Healthy Indian Dinner Vegetarian Recipes

In this fast pace life, bringing up a healthy dinner is very challenging. Either you are running late or you are simply tired after a long hectic day – whatever the reason sometimes we feel guilty of not serving healthy meals at dinner time. Here we have assembled few recipes to put an end to this struggle. Keep checking frequently as we will be adding newer recipes from time to time.

These recipes are simple and quick to prepare and if the quantity of cooking oil is checked and reduced then they can be really very healthy and light. With all these recipes we will try to suggest how to bring out the whole dinner together.

Also if you are always running late then to ensure that you always eat home cooked Indian meal everyday remember to keep the vegetables washed and chopped well in advance. In that case you can reduce the over all cooking time. A little prep work can come in very handy and reduces the unnecessary stress.

Dry Dishes

Dry Paneer Recipes

Curries & Gravy: