Best Instant Pot In India For Indian Cooking

Best Instant Pot In India For Indian Cooking
Which is the best Instant Pot in India for Indian Cooking ??

You want to know which instant pot is best in India for Indian cooking ??? After hearing about this instant pot you must be having so many questions in mind. Like if an instant pot is worth buying in India ? Can it really replace a pressure cooker ??? Can it be used on daily basis or will it end up just like another gadget clutter your counter ? The answer to all the questions is Yes. An Instapot is a Complete game changer and can totally replace a traditional Indian pressure cooker. Once you get a hang of it then you would not prefer using the regular pressure cooker ever. Instapot is very useful and it is more perfect than your regular cooker. Check out our detailed evaluation of all popular models in India and our final verdict.

Best Instant Pot In India For Indian Cooking

#1 Instant Pot 321 6 Litre, Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot 321 6 Litre, Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Outer Lid, Slow Cooker,...

7-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY – Electric Pressure cook, Slow Cooker, Sauté Pan, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Food Warmer and Steamer. Now you can enjoy the versatility of 7 appliances in one up to 70% faster.

  • What We Liked
  • The Instant Pot Duo can remember how you cook and which smart programs you use most often.
  • 13 one touch cooking programs.
  • Cooking Progress Indicator allows you to know what stage of the cooking program you’ve reached.
  • Alexa guided cooking, 300+ Recipes, Getting Started Videos, Favourite Recipe List, Personalized Grocery List and more.
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Pot which is dishwasher safe.
  • Overheat Protection, safe locking lid, upgraded gentle steam release switch with diffusing cover.
  •  Fuse power off if the current or internal temperature exceeds safety limits.
  • Issues
  • Not many accessories are made available with the instant pot except a two-handled rack. You will have to buy them separately. This is the high end model.
  • Verdict
  • This instant pot is definitely the best Instant Pot in India for Indian cooking available in the market right now. The patented safety features provide peace of mind. The delay start function is also very helpful when you desire to have hot home cooked food when you come back home.

#2 Geek Robocook Zeta 11-in-1 Function Instant Pot with 13 Indian Preset Menu, 5 L

Geek Robocook Zeta 11-in-1 Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker 6 L | 2 Year Warranty | 13 Indian...

Geek Robocook electric pressure cooker comes with 11 in 1 functions. It can Pressure Cook, Cook Rice, Sauté, Steam and bake etc. It comes in 5 Litre and 8 litre capacity. This can serve family of 4 members easily.

  • What We Liked
  • It is the first electric pressure cooker which comes with Specialized 13 Indian Preset Menus (Rice, Dal, Channa, Gravy, Biriyani, Kichadi, Chicken, Sambar and much more) for easy cooking using one pot principle.
  • Comes with Geek Recipe App which contains exclusive 1000+ Recipes with Videos covering Breakfast, Soups, Starters, Snacks, Rice, Gravy, Noodles, Pasta & Desserts.
  • Auto temperature control with overheat protection.
  • Auto pressure control which makes it super safe.
  • No spillage and stains on the stove.
  • Door step service is provided in 28 States and 440 Cities.
  • Issues
  • The inner pot is non stick teflon coated. Good news is that you can buy a stainless steel pot separately at additional cost.
  • Does not have slow cooking option.
  • Verdict
  • Geek Robocook Zeta is very easy & convenient to use. It is apt for bachelors or newbies to Indian cooking. It is helpful for cooking all types of dishes in one pot and doesn’t even consume a lot of power. It’s a great time saver as well as it does 70% fast cooking. Give it a shot, it’s way better than a normal pressure cooker. Moreover it is Half the price of any other brand.

Why buy an Instant Pot in India for Indian Cooking ?

  • Almost all Indian cooking can be done with it, you name it – kheer, biryani, dal makhani, pulao, mutton yakhni, kalakand, chole, rajma, soups …
  • Use everyday to cook rice, dal and boil vegetables using Pot In Pot method.
  • If you cook Meat & Chicken very frequently using slow cooking option.
  • It is easy to clean as only inner pot needs to be cleaned not the entire pot.
  • If you want Hot n Fresh food when you come back from work.
  • If you are tired of babysitting your traditional pressure cooker.
  • It does not release smoke or steam in the kitchen.

#3 Wellspire Instant Pot with SS Inner Pot with Customised Indian Recipes, 6 L

Wellspire 6 Litres Multi Pot Electric Pressure Cooker- #304 Stainless Steel - Pressure Cook, Sauté,...

Wellspire Instant Pot is an electric cooker which replaces 8 kitchen appliances – Pan, Kadai, Rice maker, Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Food Warmer, Yogurt Maker and the Gas Cylinder. It comes with easy one touch control panel. Its capacity is 6 litres which is ideal for a family of 4 – 6 members.

  • What We Liked
  • With a single touch you can make biryani, pulao, sambhar, khichdi and even idli. It has 1 touch Customized Indian Recipe Panel.
  • Comes with so many accessories like Spoons, Measuring Cups, Recipe Book & Trivet.
  • Issues
  • If the power goes then the program does not auto start from it left. You have to set the program again.
  • Verdict
  • It is a very good product. Made of very good quality. Does not require constant monitoring. Counting Whistles or changing flame from high to low. Easy to operate. The temperature , timing and pressure works perfectly as per setting. Support team is also very helpful with Demo and queries. Wellspire instant pot definitely makes working in the kitchen easy especially for working ladies. The delay option makes sure that you get hot food every time. Completely hassle free cooking. Complete value for money. Easy and fun to use. Go for it.

#4 AGARO Imperial Electric Pressure Cooker 14 Pre-Set Functions 6 Litres

AGARO Imperial Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 litre, 14 Pre-Set multi Cooking Functions, Adjustable...

Agaro Imperial electric pressure cooker cooks fast, retains nutritional value and promotes healthy eating. It has 6 litre capacity and SS304 stainless steel inner pot.

  • What We Liked
  • 14 preset cooking programs and 6 adjustable cooking settings.
  • Adjustable pressure option.
  • LCD Panel which informs you of the cooking status.
  • Comes with many accessories like – Silicone hand gloves, Steamer Basket, Steam Rack, Measuring Cup, Spare Gasket and Serving Spoons.
  • Issues
  • There is no recipe book or guidelines to help bachelors or people new to cooking. You need exact time and pressure measurement to make perfect food.
  • Verdict
  • Its a must for working women and bachelors. Excellent pressure cooker with very good quality of material and all the expected features.  The inner stainless steel is dishwasher safe. The product has several safety features like a safety valve, pressure regulator and gasket release system which makes it a safer than regular pressure cooker. Perfect for people living in PG or hostel. One of the only electric cooker that comes with so many accessories. Otherwise you have to buy them separately. Go for it.

#5 Brayden Marvo 11-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker / Instapot 15 Preset Indian Menu 5 L

Brayden Marvo 5 Litre 11 in 1 Automatic Multi-Purpose Electric Pressure Cooker, Non-Stick Cooking...

Presenting Brayden Marvo 5 L Electric Pressure Cooker which can replace 11 appliances from your kitchen. It is 11-in-1 Automatic Multi-Purpose Electric Pressure Cooker. It can make Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has 24 hrs Delay Start Timer.

  • What We Liked
  • 15 Indian Preset Menu Settings like biryani, sabji , curry, chole, pulao and setting yogurt too.
  • Keeps food warm
  • 7 safety guards.
  • Issues
  • The inner pot is non stick material.
  • Verdict
  • It is a feature rich electric cooker at affordable price. At this price the features that Brayden Marvo 5 L is offering are remarkable. None other instapot can match up to these features. It is best for travellers or tenant because they cook easily without arranging gas’s cylinders connection. This pressure cooker makes life easier and saves time. Its a blessing for working women with preset menus and delay start option.

My verdict is that if you want the Best instant pot in India with all the features and durability then you must buy Instant Pot 321 6 Litre. Instant Pot 321 is a renowned Electric Pressure Cooker across the world and now it is designed as per Indian Electrical Power 230 V – 50 Hz system. It has been around in the market for a very very long time. My next choice would be Brayden Marvo 11-in-1 Automatic Multi-Purpose Electric Pressure Cooker. It is very reasonably priced for all the features it offers. Like 15 Pre-set Indian Menus, 8Hrs Slow Cook Function and 24 Hrs Delay Timer. If you are a newbie in Indian cooking, a bachelor or you live in PG then this instant pot truly makes sense. You will not regret your decision. It is a new entrant in the Indian market but till now there are only rave reviews no complaints so far.

Hope this helps you in deciding the best instant pot for Indian cooking. In India if you are living alone or you are working then an instant pot is a must have kitchen appliance. One single appliance replaces 12 different pots, pans, kadhai, pressure cooker and steamer. Also cleaning wise it is smart as you just have to clean the inner pot. So buying an instant pot in India for Indian cooking truly makes sense. Go for it without any further delay…

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