Wheat Payasam Recipe

A mouthwatering sweet dish prepared of coconut, jaggery and broken wheat. Ingredients:250 gms Broken Wheat500 gms Jaggery3 tblsp Ghee10 gms Raisins10 gms Cashew Nuts2 Coconut5 gms Cardamom10 gms Dry ginger powder10 gms Cumin Powder How to make wheat payasam: Grate the coconut. Add 1/2 glass warm water to the grated coconut. Extract the first coconut milk by filtering … Read more

Pal Payasam Recipe

The yummy and favorite dessert to complete the Onam meal Ingredients:3 litres Milk700 gm Sugar180 gm Dried red rice3 – 4 Almonds and Cashewnuts How to make pal payasam: Boil the milk and condense it. Add sugar and keep stirring it. When it boils again, put the washed rice in it,lower the flame . Simmer … Read more

Moru Curry Recipe

Ingredients:2 tblsp Yogurt1/2 cup Coconut paste1 tblsp Oil1/4 tsp (optional)  Fenugreek powder1/2 tsp Cumin seeds1/8 tsp Turmerica pinch Mustard seeds1 tblsp chopped Onion4 broken  Whole red chilly1/2 tsp  Garlic1 tsp GingerCurry leaves How to make moru curry: Blend coconut, curd and green chillies in a blender. Add 1 cup water, red chilly powder, turmeric and salt to the mixture,bring … Read more

Tomato Rasam Recipe

Enjoy the South Indian soup also known as rassam or chaaru or saaru made from tomatoes, tamarind and jaggery. Ingredients:2 Tomatoes2 Red chillies4 cups Water of boiled dal (stock)1 stalk Curry leaves1 stalk Mint leaves1 stalk Coriander leaves1- 2 cloves Garlic grated2-3 pinches Clove-cinnamon powder1/2 tsp Sambhar masala8-10 Peppercorns2 pinch Hing (Asafoetida)1 1/2 tsp Cumin … Read more

Sambar Recipe

The preferred dish in South India cuisine consisting of dal and vegetables such as, brinjal, drum-stick, bitter gourd (pavakkai), ladies finger etc Ingredients:2 cup Sambhar (Tuvar) Dal1/4 kg Vegetables( Drumstick,Green Pepper,Eggplant,Okra)1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds3 Red chillies3 Green chillies1 tsp Sambhar powderCurry leavesa pinch Hing1 tsp Salt2 tsp Mustard1/4 tsp Tamarind paste4 tbsp Cooking oil How … Read more

Semiya Payasam Recipe

A preparation of milk and vermicelli sweetened with sugar. Ingredients:1 cup Vermicelli3/4 cup Water1 cup SugarA pinch Saffron1 cup Milk3-4 Cashew nuts7-8 Raisins2-3 Cardamom How to make semiya payasam: Saute the vermicelli in ghee till it turns brown. Boil water in another vessel.. Put vermicelli in boiling water and cover it, stirring occasionally. After the … Read more

Parippu Curry Recipe

A dal curry recipe which is the main part of main course. Ingredients:1 cup Lentils (green gram dal)3 cups Water1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder2 tsp GheeSalt to taste How to make parippu curry: Saute the lentils in a pan. Wash the lentils in plain water. Boil the water and add the washed lentils and turmeric powder. … Read more

Koottu Curry Recipe

A curry of a miscellaneous variety of vegetables and Bengal gram. Ingredients:1/2 cup Bengal gram  Dal2 tblsp White gram dal1/2 cup Grated coconut1/4kg (all together) Pumpkin, snake gourd, Long runner beans, yam, cucumber1/2 cup Inner flesh of drum stick1/4 tsp Turmeric powder3 Green chilliesSalt to taste1/4 cup Coconut oil1 tsp Mustard3 Dried red chillies2 sprig Curry … Read more

Pulissery Recipe

A delicious dish made of curd and fruit to make your Onam special Ingredients:10 to 12 pieces Ripe Mango or Pineapple1 cup Thick yogurta few Curry leaves1/4 tsp Turmeric powder1/2 tsp Chilli powder1/8 tsp Cumin seeds1/2 tsp Mustard2 Red chilli6 Green Chilly1 tbsp OilSalt to taste How to make pulissery: Cook mango/pineapple with 3 green … Read more

Erissery Recipe

Try out Erissery with pumpkin and beans on the occasion of Onam. Ingredients:2 cups Ripe Pumpkin (sliced into pieces )1/2 cup Red oriental bean1 cup Coconut milk2 tsp Oil2 Dried chilli1 tsp Mustard2 springs Curry leavesWaterSalt to tasteTo be Ground in paste1 cup Grated Coconut1 Small onions1/2 tsp Cumin1/2 tsp Turmeric powder2 or 3 Green … Read more

Parippu Payasam Recipe

A lip smacking desert prepared of coconut, jaggery and broken wheat. Ingredients:250 gms Parippu (Green gram dal)Coconut milk from 2 coconuts250 gms Jaggery2 tblsp Gheehandful Cashew nuts, Raisins How to make parippu payasam: Clean the dal and saute it in ghee till light brown. Boil the fried dal in water till it is cooked. Make … Read more

Kalan Recipe

A preparation of buttermilk with thick gravy and the must on the menu for Onam Ingredients:1 Raw banana (the kerala nendran banana is the best if available)6 cups Beaten, thick sour curds200 gms Chena (jameen kand/karunaikizhangu/suvarne gadde)1 cup Coconut2 tsp Turmeric powder1 tbsp Pepper powderSalt to taste2-3 Red chillies2-3 Green chillies1 tbsp Mustard seeds1 tsp … Read more

Celery Payaru Thoran Recipe

Ingredients:6-8 sticks Celery chopped1/2 cup Green moon (cherupayar) cooked to 3/4th3/4 cup Grated coconut1/4 Chopped onion6-7 Green chillies chopped2-3 Dried red chilliesCurry leaves2 cloves Garlic1 small piece Ginger cut into julian strips1 tsp Mustard1/2 tsp Cumin1 tblsp Oil How to make celery payaru thoran: Grind the garlic and cumin together coarsely into a thick paste … Read more

Lady Finger Kichadi Recipe

Delicious ladyfinger cooked with curd and coconut. Ingredients:3 1/2 cup ladyfinger2 cup thick curd1/2 cup grated coconut3 dry red chilies1 mustard2 springs curry leaves2 tsp oilsalt (namak) to taste2 green chillies How to make lady finger kichadi: Cut the lady finger in small round pieces. Deep fry ladyfinger in oil till crisp. Pound grated coconut; green … Read more

Aviyal Recipe

A delightful mix of all sorts of vegetables and coconut. Its best companion for rice during Onam festival. Ingredients:1/2 cup Grated coconut5 Green chilies1/2 tsp Cumin seeds1cup Yam Thinly sliced into 11/2″ length pieces1cup Cucumber Sliced lengthy into 11/2″ length pieces1cup Snake gourd Sliced into 11/2″ length pieces1/4cup Carrot Sliced into 11/2″ length pieces1/2cup Long … Read more