Verusenaga Podi Recipe

Verusenaga, or peanuts are roasted with cocnut and other spices and ground into a powder to make this tasty podi or chutney.

Vankaya Pachadi Andhra Style Recipe

vankaya pachadi andhra

Here is a simple vankaya pachadi Andhra style recipe. This vankaya pachadi is very spicy and tangy made with roasted brinjal and seasoned with tadka. It is a very simple yet tasty chutney, liked by all. Easy to make and requires very few ingredients. This is the recipe for Andhra brinjal pachadi for rice which … Read more

Vadiyalu Recipe

Different lentils are ground into a paste, spiced up, dried in small quantities under the sun and fried to be eaten in this recipe of vadiyalu. Ingredients:1 c Bengal gram dal1 c kali urad dal4-5 whole red chilies (sabut lal mirch)5-6 black peppercorns (sabut kali mirch)5 cloves of garlicSalt to taste How to make vadiyalu: … Read more

Ugadi Pachadi Recipe

ugadi pachadi

Here is a Ugadi Pachadi recipe. All the Ugadi Pachadi ingredients have a meaning. This pachadi is a must on Andhra New Year day. This is a sweet and sour pachadi or chutney made of tantalizing ingredients like raw mango, tamarind, jaggery and neem flowers. There are no exact measures. Every thing is approximate. Ugadi … Read more

Sorakaya Curry Recipe Andhra Style

sorakaya curry andhra style

Sorakaya curry recipe Andhra style is a very easy, delicious and super healthy. This South Indian recipe of making bottle gourd makes this dish very tempting. Lets learn how to make bottlegourd curry andhra style. Sorakaya Curry Ingredients:1 1/2 cup chopped Sorakaya (Bottle Gourd) 1 tblsp Tamarind Pulp2 tblsp Bengal Gram ( Chana Dal)1 tsp chili … Read more

Moong Dal Payasam Andhra Style

Moong Dal Payasam

Here is a very simple recipe of moong dal payasam andhra style. Pesara pappu payasam is like a kheer of moong dal which is sweetened with jaggery. Moong dal is the healthiest of all dal. As it requires very little time to cook this payasam gets cooked pretty fast.The addition of jaggery makes the taste … Read more

Andhra Panasa Pottu Curry Recipe

panasa pottu andhra curry

Here is simple panasa pottu curry andhra recipe. In Andhra Pradesh, raw jackfruit is called panasa pottu and it is consumed in many forms. This is simplest Andhra jackfruit curry recipe which is good for rice. Let us learn how to make panasa pottu curry. Panasa Pottu Curry Ingredients:1 small raw jackfruit1 tblsp oil1 1/2 … Read more

Nuvvula Podi Recipe

nuvvula podi

Here is nuvvula podi andhra style recipe. A very easy recipe for dry sesame seeds chutney which is very fast to prepare and goes very well with hot rice and ghee. Lets learn how to make spices sesame seed andhra podi which goes well with rice. Ingredients:1 cup white sesame seeds6 whole dry red chilies, … Read more

Moru Kalan Recipe

Curd is the main ingredient that goes into this curry with a dash of other spices and onions. Wonderful dish from Andhra Cusine. Ingredients:2 c curd1 tbsp oil1/2 tsp mustard seeds1/2 tsp fenugreek powder (methi powder)1/2 tsp cumin powder (jeera powder)A pinch of turmeric1 small onion chopped3 whole red chilies crushed1 tblsp ginger garlic pasteA … Read more

Mamidikaya Pulihora Andhra Style Recipe

Mamidikaya Pulihora

A super delicious easy to make mamidikaya puliohra andhra style recipe. Mamidikaya Pulihora means raw mango rice. An Andhra delight- tangy flavor of raw rice mixed with boiled rice. During the mango season it is a favorite in all Andhra households. Delicious and light – it is a perfect accompaniment in an Andhra meal. Serves … Read more

Kottimeera Pachadi Recipe

kothimeera Pachadi

Here is a simple kothimeera pachadi recipe. Green coriander chutney flavored with tamarind is perfect to go with dosa and idli. Lets learn how to make kothimeera chutney Andhra style to add that freshness to the meal. Kothimeera or green coriander is loaded with goodness of folate, potassium, manganese and anti-oxidants. Have this kothimeera chutney … Read more

Stuffed Kakarakaya Andhra Style Recipe

stuffed kakarakaya

Here stuffed kakarakaya Andhra style recipe. This Andhra style Kakarakaya recipe is a simple bitter gourd stuffed with a tangy stuffing of onions and deep fried. Kakarakaya are super healthy and full essential nutrients. Being bitter in taste it makes it difficult to eat them. But here is a simple andhra recipe of stuffed kakarakaya … Read more

Karapodi Recipe

A very easy recipe to make a chutney pf curry leaves with a flavor of tamarind. Ingredients:1 large bunch of curry leaves5 dry whole red chilies (sabut lal mirch)1 tsp coriander seeds (khara dhania)1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)5 cloves of garlic1 tsp tamarind pulpSalt to taste. How to make karapodi: Heat a pan without oil … Read more

Kandi Podi Recipe Andhra Style

Kandi Podi Andhra style is what the rest of the world refers to as ‘GUN POWDER’ ! It is a must in each and every Andhra household. Kandi pappu ( Tuvar dal) being the key ingredient. Very simple to make and rich in protein. A dry chutney or mix of mixed lentils and curry leaves. … Read more

Kajjikayalu Traditional Andhra Sweet Recipe

Here is Kajjikayalu traditional andhra sweet recipe. Roasted coconut and suji mixed with dry fruits is sealed in half moon shape thin flat bread and then deep fried. Telugu Kajjikaya is a crispy, nutty and delectable sweet quite popular during Telugu festivals. It is super crunchy and delicious. An all time favorite with all. Kajjikayalu … Read more

Gongura Pickle Recipe Andhra Style

Gongura Pickle

Gongura pickle is one pickle that every Andhrite identifies as the essence of home food !  Sorrel leaves are known as Gongura in Andhra and Ambadi in Marathi. Here is the recipe for pickling the leaves of gongura with ingredients like urad dal and sesame seeds. Gongura is sharp, tangy saag and it is super … Read more

Gongura Mutton Curry Andhra Style Recipe

Here is the gongura mutton curry andhra style recipe. It is a very popular Andhra mutton curry. Sorrel leaves mutton curry is a spicy curry with the distinctive taste of gongura or sorrel leaves. Gongura is known by many names across the country- in Marathi it is called Ambadi and in Assamese it is called … Read more

Gongura Chicken Andhra Style Recipe

gongura andhra chicken

Here is a home cooking recipe for Gongura chicken curry . A spicy fiery chicken curry with the distinctive taste of Gongura or sorrel leaves. Gongura is a sharp, tangy saag which is super rich in vitamin C, iron, zinc and calcium. Gongura is quite a favourite with Andhraites. They use it in dals, curries … Read more

Charupodi Recipe

andhra charu podi

Charu Podi is a traditional South Indian mix of whole coriander and cumin seeds spiced up with black pepper. In a Telugu household charu / rasam is a must everyday. To make this charu, you can prepare the podi and store it in an air tight jar and then use it as and when required. … Read more

Bendakaya Fry Andhra Style

bendakaya fry andhra style

Bendakaya fry Andhra style is generally a favorite among most fussy eater. Here is a simple, easy and quick to make recipe for Bendakaya fry Andhra style. Its slightly hot but you can adjust the spice levels. This bendakaya fry is a life saver when you are in a rush and want to prepare something … Read more

Mamidikaya Pappu Andhra Style

mamidikaya pappu

Here is mamidikaya pappu home cooking recipe. This is a very simple mango dal Andhra style preparation but you will simply love its tangy taste. It is very easy to make. The tangy flavours helps beat the scorching summer Andhra afternoons. Learn how to make mamidikaya pappu Andhra style. Ingredients:1/2 cup Toor Dal / Arhar … Read more

Aratikaya Pulusu Recipe

aratikaya masala pulusu

Here is the aratikaya pulusu recipe. Raw banana curry is very easy to make and at the same time very delicious too. It is a traditional South Indian recipe where boiled raw banana are cooked along with spices and tamarind paste. Ingredients:3-4 tblsp vegetable oil 5 raw bananas, peeled and cut in 4 pieces each. … Read more