Best Ideas of Indian Food for Travel

Being Indian is all about travelling to explore the world, experience and fun with friends and family. With all this, we generally get concerned on the what dishes to cook while travelling, what food to take along on long distance while doing bus or train travel, what easy recipes can be prepared for such journey much more. Here we bring you the suggestion on such food you can carry while travelling with easy to cook food recipes.


Key to preparing food which can last for long hours in car / train / plane journey is to remove the moisture / water content from the vegetables or ingredients. It is important all the ingredients are deep fried and crispy.

Stuffed Karela Punjabi Style

Indian Food for Car Travel Time of 6-8 Hours:

If the temperature outside is below 35 degrees or less, then you can choose any of the below to taken along with you on the journey:

Urad Dal Hing Poori
Indian Food for Bus or Train Travel Time of 12-18 Hours:
  1. Stuffed Bhindi with BesanParatha / Roti / Poori : The stuffed bhindi can be rolled inside the roti. Just perfect when your are driving in the car .
  2. Methi Paratha with 10 Minute Sukhe Chole. You can also pack Jeera Aloo with the methi paratha.
  3. Urad Dal Ki Hing Puri with Sukha Aloo along with some pickle
  4. Stuffed Karela with paratha / roti.
  5. Bhindi Fry Without Onion with roti / poori.
  6. Masala Puri with tariyal aloo. These aloo are fried. Fried aloo stays well for over a day. You can pack along some pickle too.
  7. Methi Thepla with Pickle
  8. Puri with Crispy Karela Fry
  9. Sukhe Kale Chane with Plain Paratha
Kurkure Murmure Snack

Indian Dry Snacks for Bus/ Car/ Train Travel

  1. Kurkure Murmure
  2. Ghathia
  3. Chakli 
  4. Besan Sev
  5. Dry Kachoris
  6. Banana Chips
  7. Punjabi Mathri

You can also pack some ready made bhujia, aloo wafers, biscuits, cookies and tea cakes.

Mithi Bread

Easy Indian Sweets which can be carried in Bus/ Car/ Train Travel :

  • Churma Laddoo
  • Atta Halwa
  • Suji Halwa
  • Mithi Bread
  • Besan Ladoo