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Green Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe

Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe

Here is the recipe for green moong dal khichdi. A humble soulful food !! Very nourishing and light on the stomach, chilke wali moong dal khichdi without onion is perfect when you are feeling slightly under the weather. It is very easy to make and … Read more

Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

This is an easy fried rice recipe. If you are a bachelor, living away from home then this is the right recipe. Lets learn how to make vegetable fried rice at home.

Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups Basmati Rice 1 cup Mixed Vgetable (cauliflower, potato, carrot, french beans) 150 gms Green Peas 3 Finely Sliced Onion 2 Finely Sliced Green Chillies Salt to taste 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder 2 tsp Cinnamon(dalchini), Caraway Seeds(zeera) 4 Cloves (laung) 1/2 tsp … Read more

Rice Khichdi Recipe

Learn how to make nutritious and tasty Khichdi with toor dal and rice. Ingredients: 2 cups rice 1 cup toor dhal 5 cloves 1 cinnamon 5 cardamom 2 finely sliced onion 6 to 8 small size tomatoes 4 slitted into halves green chillies 12 to … Read more

Sambhar Rice Recipe

Sambar Rice

Sambar rice is nothing but one pot meal which has goodness of rice and sambar in one dish. It just spares you the task of preparing two different dishes Sambar And Rice. Sambar bath is a life saver when you want to eat something chatpata … Read more

Shrimp Biryani Recipe

Ingredients: 1 lb Shrimp shelled and deveined 1 cup Basmati Rice 1 Medium chopped Onion 1″ Grated Ginger Piece 2 cloves Crushed Garlic 2 Green Chillies 2/3 cup Grated Coconut 2 tsp Garam Masala 1 tbsp Lime Juice 1 tbsp Cashewnuts and Raisins 2 Bay … Read more

Sweet Corn Rice Recipe

Sweet Corn Rice

One of the easiest yummiest leftover rice or pulao sweet corn recipe ever. Gobbled by kids in a jiffy. Perfect lunch box or tiffin recipe. Paired best with mix veg raita or pickle or dal tadka or any type of curry. You guessed it right … Read more

Tamarind Rice Recipe

Tamarind is a popular rice recipe of the south India. Tamarind or imli as it known otherwise makes this dish tangy. Ingredients: 2 cups basmathi rice 1/2 cup tamarind juice salt to taste 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/2 tsp jaggery powder 1 tsp fenugreek a … Read more

Tomato Rice Recipe

Tomato Rice recipeis a perfect lunch box special recipe. This is a fast and easy to cook tomato rice recipe. Perfect use of left-over rice. It is an desi twist on Mexican rice. The amazing thing of this recipe is the touch of oregano in … Read more

Jeera Pulao Recipe

Ingredients: 1 cup Long Grain (Basmati) Rice 2 cups Water 11/2tsp Cumin seeds(jeera) 1tbsp oil salt to taste 2 Bay leaves 3-4 cloves Few whole Black pepper 1 Black Cardamom How to make jeera pulao (rice): Clean and wash rice. Wash and drain rice 2-3 … Read more

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

Ingredients: 500gms Long Grain (Basmati) Rice 100gms Onion sliced vertically 5gms Cinnamon (dalchini) 5gms cardamom (Elaichi) 5gms cloves a pinch of turmeric powder 1gm saffron (kesar) 10 ml Milk 20gms walnut 20gms cashew nut 1litre water 50gms oil salt to taste How to make kashmiri … Read more

Kesar Pulao

Ingredients: 1 cup long grain (basmati) Rice 1 cup Sugar (or according to taste) 3-4 Cardamom (green elaichi, split & crushed) Few strands of Saffron (kesar) 4 cloves 1-1/2 tbsp Mixed Dry fruits (Pista, cashewnut, almond)chopped 1 tsp Raisins a Pinch of saffron (kesar)color dissolved … Read more

Lemon Rice Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups boiled Rice 1/3rd cup Lemon Rice 6 Tbsp Oil 1/2 tsp Black Mustard seeds Few curry leaves 3-4 green chilies Salt to taste 1/4th tsp. turmeric powder 1/4th cup peanuts How to make lemon rice: Heat oil in a pan and add … Read more

Methi Pulao Recipe

Ingredients: 1-1/2 Cup Long Grain (Basmati) Rice 1 cup green peas 50 gms paneer (cut into small cubes and deep fried) A small bunch of methi (fenugreek) leaves (chopped) 2 tomatoes (chopped) 4-5 flakes of garlic (paste) 2-3 green chilies (chopped) 1/4th tsp. turmeric powder … Read more

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani Recipe

Ingredients: 1 kg Rice 1 kg Mutton 10 gms Cardamom 10 gms Cinnamon 10 gms Cumminseed 10 gms Cloves 40 gms Ginger 20 gms Garlic 100 gms Green Chillies 50 gms Fried Onion 1 bunch Coriander Leaves 1bunch Pudina 2 Lemon 1/4 Curd 1/4 kg … Read more

Brinjal Rice Recipe

This is a spicy rice recipe made by tempering the brinjals or eggplants with mustard seeds and curry leaves and then mixing with boiled rice. It is very tasty as well as complete meal in itself. Ingredients: 3 cups plain rice 1 1/2 tsp mustard … Read more

Onion Rice Recipe

A quick and easy recipe of fried rice laced with onions and a tangy flavor of lemon. Ingredients: 2 cup cooked rice 1 onion sliced 2 tblsp oil 1/2 tsp mustard seeds (raai) 1 green chili chopped 1 tsp chopped garlic Salt and pepper to … Read more

Carrot Rice Recipe

This is a very delicious and nutritious recipe of carrot rice made from groundnuts, carrots and spices like cinnamon and cloves. Ingredients: 2 cup rice 2 onion 5 carrot 2 tsp fried groundnuts 2 tsp oil a small piece of cinnamon 1 tsp broken block … Read more

Palak Rice Recipe

Learn how to make palak rice by cooking spinach and rice with onion, tomatoes and garam masala. Ingredients: 1/2 bunch (cut into small pieces) palak a pod garlic a small piece of ginger 1 chopped onion 1 tomato a few sprigs of curry leaves 1 … Read more

Chicken Biryani

Ingredients: 2 cups Basmati Rice 3/4 kg Chicken Pieces 1/2 cup Milk 1 cup Yogurt (curd) 3 sliced onion 1 tsp Ginger Paste 1/2 tsp Garlic Paste 1 tsp Green Chilli Paste 1/2 cup Tomato Puree 2 tsp Red Chilli Powder 1 tsp Turmeric Powder … Read more

Paneer Biryani Recipe

Paneer biryani is a new kid on the block. Its a amazing recipe with lots of flovour packed in it. Perfect option for the vegetarians. An ideal option for party menu, family get togethers and picnics too. Paneer biryani is rich in taste and goes … Read more

Coconut Rice Recipe

This is a South Indian recipe for coconut rice. Fried coconut and cashewnuts are added to boiled rice and garnished with ghee and coriander leaves. Ingredients: 400 gms biryani rice 120 gms coconut 40 ml ghee 25 gms black gram dhal 25 gms broken pieces … Read more

Plain Rice Recipe

Most of the Indian dishes calls for plain rice recipe. Cooking plain rice can be sometimes very tricky and daunting task especially for a beginner in Indian cooking. How much water to use, how much time to cook, how many whistles if using pressure cooker … Read more

Curd Rice Recipe

Ingredients: 1 Cup Boiled Rice 2 cups of plain yogurt (Curd) 2 Tbsp Oil 1/4 cup milk Finely chopped coriander leaves 1-2 green chilies 1 tsp. chana daal 1 tsp. urad daal 1 tsp. mustard seeds 1 1/2 tsp. finely chopped ginger 2 Tbsp desiccated … Read more

Easy Matar Pulao Recipe

Here is a very easy matar pulao recipe which can be made by any one in a jiffy. It is a simple recipe to follow. Beginners in Indian cooking, bachelors or young people starting out new the Indian cooking domain will find it easy and … Read more

Indian Fried Rice Recipe

This is a typical Indian fried ric recipe.Spices and ghee is added to the boiled rice. Ingredients: 400 gm Rice 100 gm Ghee or butter 65 gms onion 2 gms cinnamon 2 gms Bay leaf 1 gm peppercorns 6 gms Salt How to make fried … Read more

Garlic Rice Recipe

Here is a recipe for rice flavoured with garlic and green chillies. learn how to make garlic rice. Ingredients: 2 cup cooked rice 2 tsp crashed garlic 2 green chillies chopped 2 tblsp cashewnuts (kaju) 1 tblsp almonds(badam), slivered. 1 tsp chopped fresh coriander 2 … Read more

Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe

Ingredients: 350 gms Basmati Rice 200 gms Potatoes 200 gms Carrots 100 gms Onions 4 Green Chilies 30 gms Ginger 20 gms Garlic 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder 1 tsp Red Chili Powder 1 cup Curd 1 tsp Saffron 2 tbsp Milk 1/3 cup Mint ( … Read more

Instant Onion Rice Recipe

Learn how to make instant onion rice which can be served with any main course dish like daal, curry or with simple ratia. Ingredients: 4 big onions 2 cardamom (elaichi) 1 cup rice 1/2 tsp chilly powder salt to taste mustard for seasoning How to … Read more