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Rajgira Ki Poori

Rajgira Ki Poori

Rajgira also known as Amaranth. Amaranth flour is Gluten free. It is a power house of nutrients. It contains more than three times the average amount of calcium also high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and it is the only grain which contains Vitamin C. …

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Navratri Ashtami Ka Prasad

Navratri Vrat Recipes

JAI MATA DIHappy Ashtami to everyone…May Maa Durga empower everyone with strength and courage and protect everyone from all calamities and hardships.Ashtami Prashaad for Bhog… Halwa Poori & Chana. Shudh satwik bhojan without any onion and garlic. The feasting after the fasting!! On Ashtami girls …

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Shakarkand Ki Chaat

Shakarkandi Ki Chaat

Shakarkandi chaat is tangy, sweet and spicy recipe. It is super nutritious. Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious root vegetabe. It is considered as Super Food today. We are constantly trying to find ways to incorporate this super food in our diet. This …

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Falhari Paneer Ki Sabji

Paneer Sabji Without Onion Garlic

Who says when you are fasting you cannot have tasty delicious and nutritious food. Here is a really very easy 10 mins vrat ki paneer sabji whithout onion garlic to make your fasting / vrat a delish affair. You will look forward to relishing this …

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Perfect Sabudana Vada Recipe

Sabudana Vada

Here is the perfect sabudana vada recipe. The crisp exterior and soft insides is what makes it special. Here is a very simple recipe with amazing delicious outcome. In India sabudana vada with dahi are consumed during fasts. But you can enjoy these sabudana vadas …

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Aloo Poori Recipe

Aloo Puri

Aloo poori is very popular north Indian breakfast dish. Aloo ki sabji with puri is generally eaten with boondi raita and aam ka achar. Learn how to make poori potato curry. Ingredients: For Aloo sabji: 250 gm boiled potato 1 tblsp Oil 1 tsp salt …

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Sabudana (Sago) Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is a common breakfast food item of India. It is very nutritious, yummy and easy to make breakfast dish. Sabudana Khichadi is quite popular as an Indian fasting food and preferred during the fasting days of Navratri, Shivratri and other fasting days. Indian …

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Crispy Poori Recipe

Crispy Poori

Crispy poori is a must for yummy aloo sabji, kaddu ki sabji or any other dish. Generally many find it diificult to make crispy fluffy pooris. Either the pooris are oily, not crispy, hard, rubbery, chewy or sometimes just flat. They do not fluff. But …

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Sabudana Kheer With Milk

Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana kheer is an easy recipe which is preferred on the vrat days or fasting. The soft tender pearls cooked slowly in a creamy milk , flavored with the aromatic cardomon and topped with the nutritious nuts is a dessert to relish. The dish is …

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Aloo Mewawale Recipe

Ingredients:1 cup oil1 tblsp ginger-garlic pastesalt to taste12 medium potatoes, peeled1 tsp cumin seeds1/2 cup coriander leaves, cut4 tbsps. cream1 tblsp chilli powder1 tblsp sugar1 tsp garam masala1/2 cup mixed almonds and pistachios, coarsely ground3 tomatoes pureed4 onions, chopped, ground1 tsp turmeric powder How to …

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Sukha Aloo Recipe

Ingredients:1/2 tsp mango powder3 tbsp oilsalt to tastekadi pata5-6 boiled potatoes2-3 green chilies1/2 tsp red chilly powder How to make sukha aloo : Put oil in a pan. Heat up the oil and mix in kadi pata, green chilies and red chilly powder and mix …

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Sukhi Arbi Recipe

When fasting for navratri or any other vrat coming up with easy and quick to prepare recipes are always a priority. Sukhi arbi recipe is just one of them. This recipe can be made in a jiffy and is very tasty too. Do try your …

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Vrat Ke Aloo Recipe

Vrat Ke Aloo

Potatoes are a great source of energy. Vrat ke aloo is made without haldi with the addition peanuts. Crunchy peanuts and crispy aloo makes it a fantastic recipe for fasting and vrat. Whats best is that they get ready in less than 10 mins. They …

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Crispy Arbi Fry Recipe

Crispy arbi fried is a really simple and easy recipe which can be served not only as side dish but also as a starter. It is a perfect party snack and is loved by young and old alike. Within minutes it is gone. Besides it …

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Banana Chips Recipe

Ingredients:oil for deep frying1/4 tsp turmeric powdersalt according to taste5-6 raw bananas How to make banana chips : Take off and put bananas in plenty of salted iced water. Slice bananas with a chip slicer into water, mix in in turmeric. Keep for 10 minutes, …

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Khuskhus Aloo Recipe

Ingredients:3 green chillies6 potatoes, peeled, cubedsalt to taste1/2 tsp turmeric powderCut coriander leaves3 dry red chillies2 tbsp khuskhus roasted3 tblsp oil1/2 cup water How to make khuskhus aloo : Grind the roasted khuskhsu along with the green chillies and a few tblsp of water to …

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Arbi Masala Dry For Vrat

Dry arbi masala is another quick and easy to make recipe during vrats. After an entire day of fasting with no energy left this no onion garlic arbi masala is perfect. Here is the way for how to make vrat ki arbi masala. Time Taken …

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Singhare Ka Halwa

Singhare ka halwa is a super easy yet delicous and nutritious halwa recipe for the Navratri vrat. Kuttu ka halwa is packed with potassium and goes very well with the Navratri thali. Learn how to make singhare ka halwa. Time Taken: 20 minsServes: 3 person …

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Vrat Ki Kadhi Recipe

Vrat ki kadhi recipe is very much similar to regular dahi ki kadhi. Here we make use of singhara atta so that it can be consumed during vrats like Navratri and Mahashivratri. Singhara atta kadhi is simple to make. It goes well with kuttu ki …

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Aloo Pulao Recipe

Ingredients:1 big size potato diced in small pieces1 tsp cumin seeds1 cup samwat rice2 tbsp ghee2 cloves2 tsp rock salt (kala namak)2 green cardamoma tiny piece of cinnamongreen coriander to garnish1/2 tsp red chilli powder3 cup water How to make aloo pulao : Heat up …

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Vrat Ke Chawal Recipe

Vrat Ke Chawal or samak ke chawal are easy and quick to make. These vrat ke chawal keeps you full for atleast 3 to 4 hours. Learn how to make vrat ke chawal. Ingredients:125 gms samak ke chaawal2 cloves3 cup water2 – 3 cashewnuts fried30 …

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Kotu Aloo Pakora Recipe

Ingredients:1 cup kotu ka atta (buckwheat up flour)1/4 cup finely cut coriander leaves1/2 tbsp black pepper powderghee or vegetable oil for frying3 medium sized potatoes (boiled whole till half-cooked)1/2 tsp sendha namak (rock salt) or to taste How to make kotu aloo pakora : Combine …

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Sabudana Puri Recipe

Here’s a delicious, quite filling fried bread recipe with sago/sabudana. Learn how to make sabudane ki puri. Ingredients:1 cup wheat flour (gehun ka atta)1 cup refined flour (maida)1/2 cup pea seeds (matar)1/2 cup sago (saboodana)1 green chilly (hari mirch)1 tsp salt (namak)1 tsp red chilly …

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Kuttu Ke Dahi Vada Recipe

Kuttu ke dahi vada is a very delicious and healthy recipe for vrat and fasts. Vrat ke dahi bhalle are not only nutritious but tongue tickling too. Learn how to make kuttu ke dahi bade. Try this unique recipe. Ingredients:2 tblsp Kuttu Ka Aata2 medium …

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