Dal Makhani Without Onion Garlic Restaurant Style

Dal Makhani No Onion No Garlic

Dal Makhani without onion garlic restaurant style is a super easy rustic recipe. It is unbelievable that restaurant style dal makhani can made at home so easily and does not require too many spices. People always wonder why is Dal Makhani is called Makhani. The reason being in the generous use of butter and cream … Read more

Yellow Moong Dal Recipe

Peeli Moong Ki Dal

Here is an easy yellow moong dal recipe. This is the simplest Peeli moong dal ki recipe but it is the tastiest dal of all. It goes very well with roti, chapati or paratha. In Indian households peeli moong dal is served with some dry vegetable preparation – aloo gobhi, beans aloo, palak paneer, jeera … Read more

Moth Dal Recipe | Matki Dal Without Soaking

Sabut Moth Dal

Moth dal recipe is very easy and simple to follow. This sabut moth ki dal without soaking has a simple procedure. You pressure cook the dal on high flame for 6 – 7 mins and then reduce the flame and cook for 10 mins on low flame. Let the the pressure release naturally otherwise the … Read more

Lal Masoor Ki Dal Recipe

Lal Masoor Ki dal

Lal masoor ki dal is very easy, quick to prepare dal / lentil recipe. It is very popular in the Punjabi community. Lal masoor ki dal is generally made in punjabi homes and rarely found in any restaurant menu. It goes best with steamed rice or tandoori roti and green salad. Lets learn how to … Read more

Dal Tadka Recipe In Pressure Cooker

Dal Tadka Recipe In Pressure Cooker

Here is dal tadka recipe in pressure cooker. Super simple, easy yet tasty. This dal tadka tastes awesome with tandoori naan, steamed rice or jeera rice. Lets learn how to make dal tadka in pressure cooker which is faster way to make the dal. Serves : 2 – 3Total Time: 1hr Ingredients: 1 cup Toor … Read more

10 minute Sukhe Chole Recipe

10 minute Sukhe Chole

Here is the 10 minute sukhe chole recipe. This is the easiest chole recipe you can ever come across. A simple recipe which requires boiled chole to be sauted with minimum spices in ghee. This recipe can have a pleasant surprise for your taste buds. Served with hot ajwain parantha or plain poori is the … Read more

Rajma Curry Without Onion Garlic

Rajma Masala Without Onion Garlic

Here is a simple rajma curry recipe without onion and garlic. Rajma chawal is a comforting wholesome meal enough to cheer anybody. It’s everyones childhood favourite and still is, perfect enough to fall in love with it’s Deliciousness. Its great for lunch and the way this is made at home – it tastes all the … Read more

Arhar Dal Without Onion Garlic Recipe

Arhar Dal Without Onion Garlic

Here is recipe for arhar dal without onion garlic. This is a Jain arhar dal. The addition of kasori methi in the tadka makes this dal outstanding. It is very easy and simple to make.

Pindi Chole Recipe | Pindi Chana Masala

Pindi Chole

Pindi chole recipe is one of the easiest Punjabi recipe that can be in a jiffy. Pindi chana masala is a very popular dish from Rawalpindi Pakistan. What’s amazing about this chole recipe is that it is made without onion garlic and tomatoes. Yes you read it correct. And this the best part is they … Read more

Arhar Dal Recipe

Arhar Dal

Arhar dal is one of the most common dish that is made in homes on daily basis. This dal is very nutritive and full of proteins. To make arhar dal more tasty tomatoes, ginger, garlic and onions are added to it. Ingredients: 1 cup arhar dal or pigeon beans 2 tblsp clarified butter / ghee … Read more

Dal Fry Recipe

Learn how to make dal fry is one of the most popular recipe in the punjabi restaurantmenu. It has four different lentils which makes it very nutritive and to enrich its taste it is tempered with various spices. Dal fry tastes best when it is served with jeera rice. Ingredients: 1/4 cup yellow pigeon peas … Read more

Daal Makhani Recipe (Maa Ki Daal)

Dal Makhani is one of the most popular dal recipes in any restaurant menu. This dal is the identity of the Punjabi food. So here we are presenting a easy to make homemade dal makhani recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup whole urad daal (urad sabut) 1tbsp Red kidney beans (Rajma) 1 onion finely chopped 1 tomato … Read more

Masoor Dal Recipe

Masoor Dal Recipe

Here is a very easy to make massor dal recipe. Sabut Masoor Dal has the tadka of garlic which makes it very aromatic. Learn how to make sabut masoor dal. Ingredients: 1 cup sabut masoor dal 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp salt 2 – 3 medium tomatoes 1 tblsp Ghee/ oil … Read more

Sabut Moong Ki Dal Recipe

Sabut Moong Ki Dal

Sabut moong ki dal is a staple dal in every Indian household. It is nutritious, healthy and goes well with most of the Indian side dishes. Hari moong ki dal is very simple and easy to make. It is perfect to go along with rice and roti. It can be served with any sabji like … Read more

Arhar Dal With Green Mango

Arhar Dal With Green Mango

Arhar dal with raw mango is made with the combination of arhar dal and raw green mango. It is quite popular in the eastern part of India like Bengal. Arhar dal tastes great with plain rice and generally preferred in summer season. Discover how to make tok dal aka mangao dal. Cooking time :30 minutesServes … Read more

Jaisalmeri Kala Chana Recipe

Jaisalmeri Kala Chana

Jaisalmeri kala chana is a hidden gem from Rajasthani cuisine Because of unavailability of vegetables through out the year, Rajasthani food uses gramflour (besan), dahi, buttermilk, and dry masalas like dry ginger, kachhri a lot. Jaisalmeri kala chana recipe is like Rajasthani besan kadhi with kale chana. There is no Onion n Garlic. This kadhi … Read more

Dal Bati Recipe In Microwave Oven

Dal Bati In Oven

Here is the famous Rajasthani Dal Bati recipe. Dal bati is the most popular food in the Rajasthani cuisine. It is the symbol of Rajasthani Aan, Baan & Shaan. Dal bati is generally accompanied with churma. The dal is the combination of five different dals with spices. And the bati is made of coarse whole … Read more