Mango Rice

Mango Rice
  • 150 gms Basmati Rice
  • 4 tblsp raw Peanuts
  • Curry leaves


  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 11/2 tsp Mustard seeds
  • 6 Red Chillies
  • 11/2 cup Grated Green Mango
  • 4 tblsp Fresh Coconut, grated
  • 1/2 tsp Asafoetida powder

For Tempering

  • 1 tbsp Chana Daal, rinsed
  • 1 Red Chilli, halved
  • 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  • Curry leaves
  • 3 tblsp Oil
How to make mango rice:
  1. Cook the rice and spread on a platter to cool.
  2. Set aside.
  3. For masala: put mustard seeds, asafoetida powder, red chillies, turmeric powder, and grated coconut in a blender or food processor.
  4. Add half the grated mango.
  5. Blend into a fine paste.
  6. Set aside.
  7. For tempering heat up the oil in a heavy frying pan.
  8. Add mustard, chana daal, red chilli, and curry leaves.
  9. When the mustard seeds splutter, add the peanuts.
  10. Once the dal is golden, add the remaining mango.
  11. Sauté for a few minutes over a medium heat, until the mango is cooked.
  12. Now add the masala.
  13. Cook until the raw smell disappears.
  14. Remove from heat up and set aside.
  15. When the rice is cool, add salt to taste and extra curry leaves.
  16. Stir in the masala little by little, until well blended.
  17. Serve hot with fried.