Ariselu Recipe

Make Indian ariselu by making balls of rice flour and jaggery syrup coated with sesame and deep fried. Learn how to make ariselu.

1 kg rice
3/4 kg jaggery(gur) (grated)
2 tablespoons of sesame seeds(teel)
Oil to fry

How to make ariselu:

  • Wash rice and soak it in water for10 hours.
  • Remove water and let it dry on a piece of cloth.
  • In a blender make thin powder and sieve it.
  • To make the syrup add jaggery to the boiled water and heat.
  • Let it thick.
  • Add the fine powder of rice to it and stir continuously.
  • Avoid lumps.
  • Cool it and make balls.
  • Dab these balls with sesame seeds and fry it at low heat in a frying pan.
  • When it comes deep brown sieve it.
  • Cool and serve.