Karwa Chauth Sargi Thali Food Items

Karwa Chauth Sargi

Karvachauth is celebrated in India every year by the Hindu married ladies for the longevity of their husband’s life. Traditionally this vrat/fast begins with Sargi which is given by the mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law before sunrise. They eat Sargi and start fasting that ends after offering prayers and worshiping the moon. They do not have water. Click here for Karwa Chauth Dinner Recipes

Karwa Chauth Sargi Special

Karwa Chauth Sargi Thali Food Items | Karwa Chauth Morning Food | Sargi Food For Karwa Chaauth

A Karwachauth special tip for all the beautiful ladies who are fasting today. Here is a list of items for your Sargi Thali to have early morning before you start your karva chauth vrat. If you do not want to feel thirsty the whole day then consuming following items will help. These are time tested tips and tricks. These also help in controlling headaches too.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Morning Sargi
Cuisine Punjabi North Indian Cooking
Servings 1


  • Thali

Main Ingredients

  • Apple
  • Coconut
  • Fenia
  • Meethi Mathri
  • Almonds
Keyword Karwa Chauth Special

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Traditional SARGI platter is given by mother in law to the daughter in law. There are 7 things in sargi.

7 things in the Sargi Thali

  1. Lacha paratha or Gobhi Stuffed paratha or any stuffed paratha
  2. Falhari paneer ki sabji or any leafy vegetable
  3. A cup of tea / coffee
  4. Pomegranate / Coconut Giri (Flesh)
  5. Coconut Water / Nimbu Paani
  6. 10 soaked or raw almonds (Cashewnuts, Walnuts)
  7. Kesar Pheni / Fenia in milk (If pheni is not available then any mithai (gulab jamun / rasgulla / kaju katli) will do)

Preferable Sequence to eat the food items in Sargi :

  1. First have partha along with tea and paneer sabji.
  2. Then have pomegranate, apple or banana or fruit of ur choice.
  3. Later have some coconut water.
  4. Lastly have sewai with almonds and dates.

Reason why we have these food items in Sargi :
All these having items have nutritional value that will keep you energized throughout the day.

  • Paratha provide carbohydrate to give you calories and you may use as energy source. Make it ghee. Ghee is anti-wrinkling and has antioxidants, So will keep you glowing on this special day. There’s a reason why GHEE is called Food of Gods.
  • Paneer is a rich protein source.
  • Coconut water for mentaining electrolytes of body and water need.
  • Pomegrante is rich iron source and also replace the need of water.
  • Almonds (Badam) for fibre and protein. Good fats mean high satiety, helps you sustain the day as an energy back up.
  • Kesar feni as calcium source with milk. Saffron is insulin friendly and known to help control appetite. It is excellent for a radiant skin and helps protect against the oncoming cold season.
  • Fruits like banana, apple are a rich source of dietary fiber and potassium.
  • The sequence of consuming the items should be in this order.

Few Useful Karwa Chauth Tips:

  1. Avoid consuming sugary food items. Consuming high sugar fried items will make you thirsty. And you will crave for water as the throat gets dry. If you have to consume mithai as a ritual then just take a spoon. Another healthu way consume paneer mithai or sweet. Or make Milk Pheni with Dates and do not add extra sugar.
  2. Consume lots of soaked almonds, walnuts and dates.
  3. Drink 2-3 glasses of water. If you find it difficult to consume water early morning then you can also consume Nimbu Paani.
  4. Keep yourself busy through out the day.

Breaking the Karwa Chauth fast –

  1. Ideally when you break the fast at night, one should eat oily, spicy khana. There is production of high acid in the stomach due to lack of food or water all day. Instead, eat light nutritious food to replenish the body’s lost energy stores. Do not eat fried food and outside food after breaking the fast.
  2. Also make sure to consume 3-4 glasses of water until you sleep to take care of any dehydration that has occurred in the course of the day.
  3. A glass of lemonade may also aid digestion at this time.
  4. Eat slow and listen to your stomach.
  5. After the have food do not sit but go for a small walk.
  6. Have Jeera Ajwain Water. Soak 1/2 tsp of jeera and 1/2 tsp of ajwain in the morning and in the evening, sieve it and drink it. This will help avoid bloating and indigestion.

Food Items That Help Control Thirst & Headache –

Karwa Chauth Special Items
  • Pomegranate
  • Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani)
  • Dates
  • Soaked almonds

App Ka Vrat Safal Ho !! Happy Karvachauth to all…!!!