Sindhi Mutton Biryani Recipe

Sindhi Mutton Biryani is a delicious main course dish and is very spicy.Find out how to prepare Sindhi mutton biryani.

Sindhi Biryani

1 kg Mutton 
1 kg Basmati Rice 
1 Cup Yogurt or curd 
4 Onions (chopped) 
4 Tomatoes 
1/2 kg Potatoes 
1 tblsp Red chilly powder 
2 tblsp Coriander Powder 
1 tblsp Ginger garlic paste 
1 Bay Leaf 
Salt to taste 
Lemon juice (approx 3 lemons) 
1/4 kg Dried Apricots (Soaked in hot water ) 
Handful of Mint Leaves (chopped) 
4-5 Green Chillies 

How to make sindhi mutton biryani:

  • Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onions.Fry till golden brown.Take out half the fried onions and keep aside.
  • Now mix in the mutton pieces,powdered spices and yogurt.Cook it till the water evaporates.
  • Add chopped tomatoes,potatoes,pulp of dried apricots,slit green chillies to it and cook till potatoes are done.
  • Take another pan and boil rice with handful of mint leaves till they are half cooked.
  • Take a handi or pot and make a layer of rice and top it with mutton.Repeat till its finished.
  • Sprinkle some mint leaves and rest of the fried onions on top.Cover it tightly and cook on low flame till rice is done.
  • Serve Hot