Gujarati Khandvi Recipe

1/2 cup gms flour (besan) 
1 cup thin buttermilk 
Salt To Taste 
2-3 pinches turmeric powder 
1 tbsp Oil

How to make Gujarati Khandvi:

  • Mix water, flour, salt and turmeric to form a batter. Heat oil in a heavy pan, add batter.
  • Stir vigorously and evenly to avoid lump formation. Cook till the mixture does not taste raw, stirring continuously. When done (about 7-8 minutes), pour a ladleful in a large plate.
  • Spread as thin as possible with the back of a large flat spoon. Use circular outward movements as for dosas.
  • When cool, cut into 2″ wide strips. Carefully roll each strip, repeat for all plates.
  • Place in a serving dish. For seasoning: Sprinkle coconut and coriander all over khandvi rolls.
  • Heat oil in a small pan. Add cumin, asafoetida, curry leaves and chillies.
  • Add sesame seeds and immediately pour over khandvi rolls. Serve with garlic chutney.