What Indian Food To eat During Fever

Indian Food For Fever

When we have fever we do not feel like eating anything. Sometimes we even lose our appetite. But body needs nourishment at this stage. We have collected some recipes here which will not only help in providing the nourishment but are also comfort food. They will help in improving the taste and increase in appetite … Read more

Indian Diet During Periods

Indian Diet During Periods

Want to know what should be your Indian diet during periods. What all Indian foods to eat during periods / menstruation. Read along .. A woman’s body is going through a lot of pain and discomfort during periods but with proper diet and care most of the issues related to periods can be reduced to … Read more

Indian Recipes Without Vegetables

There are times when you have no vegetables at home. Maybe you were travelled and came back home after a journey, or you forgot to order something or could be anything. Worry no more. Here is an extensive list of Indian recipes without vegetables. We have divided the list into Breakfast Ideas, Lunch, Snacks or … Read more

Indian Food Items To Store For Emergency

Indian Food Items To Store For Emergency

Here is a list of necessary Indian food items to store for emergency or for lockdown like situations. This is not an exhaustive list but keep adding items as when needed. MUST HAVE KITCHEN ESSENTIALS : Cooking Gas Drinking Water Induction cooktop or Electric Kettle (In case of cooking gas gets over) Non Perishable Indian … Read more

15 Indian Food You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnant !!! Feeling Happy .. Elated… Feeling on top of the moon… But once the euphoria settles lots of doubts and questions surface up. First thing that comes to mind is What Should I eat and what should I avoid during pregnancy.. Every person you will meet will give a list of items not to … Read more

Indian Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers always wonder that what they should eat & what not. Some says a mother should take the diet of two people because she needs to take care of one more life. But is it true, if yes what they should eat & if not how the baby will get proper diet to grow … Read more

Garlic Health Benefits

Nature has gifted us lots of things to keep our self healthy. One of those gifts is Garlic. There are lots of saying & proverbs about Garlic which reflects its importance & quality such as Garlic is as good as 10 mothers & Garlic a day keep sickness at bay. Moreover, it is regarded as a miracle by … Read more

Dangers Of Energy Drinks

Trendy world, trendy people & trendy drink that is what energy drinks become in today’s life style. In the current scenario energy drinks are just like a trendy beverage & we can get the evidence of its popularity by entering in any of the store where lots of energy drink cans may be found easily. … Read more

Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass helps in throwing the toxins from the body and helps in boosting the cell regeneration. It is an easy way to detox your body at home. Benefits of Wheatgrass: It boosts the hemoglobin production. Rebuilds the bloodstream. Helps in healing the wounds. Improves digestion. Cleans the liver. Purifies the blood in the entire body. … Read more

Green Tea Health Benefits

Tea- a health drink; if I had said it some years before the introduction of GREEN TEA you all might had called me crazy or mad. But now green tea needs not any introduction. We came to knew about this green tea very late. But it’s true that Chinese people were well aware about green … Read more

Canned Food Safety & Storage

All of us have used canned food once in our life time. Canned foods are the most prominently used packed food all over the world. We can see the canned food in each house hold. People use them because they are easy to be maintained & need less time to be cooked. Moreover they don’t loose their natural … Read more

Health Benefit Of Celery

A. J. Reb Materi once said that “So many people spend their health in gaining wealth, & then have to spend their wealth to regain their health”. Don’t you think we all do this in one or other way? That’s why I thought that we must go for some herbs or plant therapy to gain … Read more

Gujarati Thali Menu

Gujarati Thali is basically a concept with the objective to present that real and traditional taste of Gujarati food. The Gujarati Thali is a very nice idea for all those who want to have the taste of traditional Gujarati cuisine. To fulfill its objective this Gujarati Thali contains all the main dishes of Gujarati food. And … Read more

Indian Curry Recipes

Indian curry recipes are world famous for thier lip smacking taste and variety. Indian Curries recipes are fast gaining popularity world over. Learn more about the Indian curried food and its various types.

Benefits Of Oatmeal

If you are suffering with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids or with some life threatening problems like colon cancer and coronary heart disease then chances are that the culprit is low fibre diet. It has been proved scientifically that a fibre rich diet helps in lowering cholesterol. It has been confirmed that high fibre diet also … Read more

Natural Cure For Hypertension

One of the very effective lifestyle change for someone who is over weight and also suffering from hypertension, is to shed a few pounds. Losing weight even in small measure can have dramatic effects in lowering your blood pressure. A lot of experts prefer using pharmaceutical drugs while prescribing a weight loss programme in order … Read more

Food To Beat Indian Summers

In India, summers are very hot especially in northern parts of the country. It is very important to take proper diet in summers to keep the body cool and keep diseases like dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea etc. at bay. This article suggests food to keep you cool in summers. So include these food items in your … Read more

South Indian Cuisine

The southern part of India is famous for its various spices and also spicy foods. Its long past has witnessed the export of spices to many countries. Even the outsiders, generally the foreign invaders like the Dutch, the French and the English, who kept coming here over generations, are reported to be fond of these … Read more

Cooking In Microwave

To put it very simply, a microwave oven is a device in which food is cooked by the heat produced by the absorption of microwave energy by water molecules in the food. Microwave ovens operate by agitating the water molecules in the food, causing them to vibrate, which produces heat. The microwaves enter through openings in the top … Read more

Low Calorie Cooking Tips

Here are some low calorie cooking tips for Indian food. Indian food is known for being overly oily, fattening and high in cholestrol. But by following these simple tips you can make Indian food healthy. Read along…

Wonderful Amla Fruit

Amla is a gift of nature to mankind. It is an indispensable part of the Ayurvedic and Unani system of medicine. Amla has amazing remedial qualities. In Sanskrit, it is called amalaki or dhartriphala. It belongs to the family Euphorbiecae and its scientific name is Emblica officinalis. There are two varieties of amla – cultivated (gramya) and wild (vanya). The wild amla … Read more

Indian Food

Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. Just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilizations, which have contributed their share in its overall development and the present form. India has … Read more