Benefits Of Mustard Seeds

Mustard is one of the most ancient spices. It has 3 varieties namely black, brown and white. The black mustard plant normally grows to a height of 10 feet. Brown mustard is largely cultivated. Brown mustard plant produces tiny yellow colored flowers, which almost cover the plant. White mustard is the most mild among all the varieties of mustard. Mustard Seed has a fresh aroma and slightly biting flavor but when the seeds are dried they do give any fragrance.

Biological Name:
Brassica alba, Brassica nigra
Other Names:
English – Black mustard seed or Brown mustard seed
Hindi – Rai or Lal sarsu
Gujarati – Rai
Marathi – Mohari
Punjabi – Rai
Tamil – Kadugu
Telugu – Avalu

1) Kitchen Use:
Mustard is used in Indian, French, German and Irish cuisines. Mustard is used in salad dressings, egg dishes, cheese dishes, pickles and vegetables. Mustard is rubbed over meat before roasting. It is also added to butter to give butter a pleasant flavor.

2) Medicinal use:
Mustard is used as remedy for the following few problems:

Take mustard tea thrice a day (mix 1 tsp of mustard flour cup in boiling water and leave for 5 minutes).
Muscular and skeletal pains:
It stimulates circulation in pain area and thus help to relieve pain.

Fever and cold:
Take Mustard tea.