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Indian cookery today is an inarnation of the cooking techniques of numerous nationalities and civilizations connected with India for more than a thousand years. Indian food is beautiful to behold and pleases the palate. It is good for body and mind and is an experience to cherish.

Indian cuisine is famous for its variety and infinitely subtle blends of aromatic spices and seasonings that flavor meat, legumes and vegetables. But what does not vary throughout the country is the care & sophistication with which the food is prepared and cooked, and the value that is attached to its excellence and flavor. From the rich chicken based recipes of north to the simple legume based diet of south, food is the way of life, with many social and religious rituals surrounding it, and throughout the whole country it is the source of great enjoyment and celebration.

This site contains carefully selected recipes, ranging from the traditional favorites, scrumptious, fascinating, delicious and exotic recipes from the Indian kitchen. It aims to be more than just a collection of recipes. The glossary of Indian food, useful kitchen hints, the armory of Indian kitchen and many other information about Indian food will help to add to your knowledge and enjoyment of Indian cooking.

Our aim is to serve the Indian community both residing in India as well as residing abroad. Indianfoodforever is an effort to present the richness, variety and authenticity of the Indian kitchen.

Our Recipe collection contains some of the finest, tempting recipes from the Indian subcontinent like Breads, Vegetarian, Chicken, Rice and lot more…….. from the Indian subcontinent.

Indianfoodforever.com is a one stop website for all your kitchen related needs.